Date:March 14, 2013

The Royal Courts of Justice

Built in the 1870s, The Royal Courts of Justice, London, is an integral part of the British justice system. This prestigious Victorian building has over 1000 rooms and a 3½ mile labyrinth of hallways, and the site’s five buildings have been networked together by Cameo Systems with a 30,000 watt voice alarm system.

As well as the integrated voice alarm system, we have also installed fire telephones and disabled refuge call systems.

We have worked with the Royal Courts of Justice for five years and Cameo Systems has been servicing this installation  as part of its 10-year concurrent service contract. Additionally, we have offered a full product/system warrantees and provide instant response call-out facilities to support the integrity of the Royal Court’s emergency response system.

Special considerations

Because of the historical nature of the building, all alarm and announcement systems have to adhere with special requirements from Heritage. The challenges were also acoustic. The Great Hall in the Royal Courts of Justice has ceilings that are in excess of 100 feet high. Because of the dynamics of the room, we had to design, produce, and install a voice alarm system with special acoustic output so that any alarms or emergency announcements can be clearly audible and unaffected by echo or environmental noise factors. A system with a networked speaker array provided the perfect solution.